Public holidays on Saturdays don’t mean a thing

Unless it’s on Sunday or a weekday, public holidays on Saturdays are practically useless to me. I don’t need to work on Saturdays anyway.

I have been communicating with my company’s webhost for the past few days. Mostly because I have to shift our website to a Linux server from a Windows server. We needed 2 websites on the same server in order to share the same database. Main point: the admins must be working so hard and are so tired that they typed ‘play’ instead of ‘please’.

A lot of updates/changes have to be done with my codes for Linux systems are strict on case sensitivity. ‘Cat’ and ‘cat’ may be the same thing to Windows but different to a Linux. I guess I have myself to blame for bicapitalizing my table names. There were some issues with mySQL that lower cased my table names but I wasn’t affected much since I was using Windows on my development machine so was my webhost.

Haven’t been playing Lineage 2 much because of an update. The update servers were so flooded I had to wait 2 days for my updating to speed up. But because of that, I was able to spend some time on my other tasks.

And finally, owing to what I experienced at work today, I would like to shout out INDEXES ARE IMPORTANT to all who wish to dive into databases. Because they may help speed up your sql queries greatly and ENSURE NO DUPLICATE ENTRIES.

Good luck and may you have better clockspeeds. [:)]

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