Nervous nervous nervous nervous nervous nervous

Plans have been confirmed, boss is taking me to Paris with him on the 4th of April [:D]. I’m excited about the trip. It will be the first time travelling to an European country and my first time going to some place far away from home. Alas, this is not a vacation but a trip to meet the developers behind, my company’s business partner. Boss has yet briefed me on what I will be doing there. I have a feeling I need to learn XML. Darn, I still have not started. My fears of meeting the developers would be the language barrier, they do speak english but I assume there will be a heavy french accent. Plus, with my slight hearing disability, it’s going to make communication a lot more difficult. Sigh… I hope I don’t irritate them. [:(]

Yesterday’s trip to Desaru was nice. The most enjoyable part was sitting in the car, chatting and laughing away with my friends and looking at the beautiful scenery. The beach we went to was deserted. The sand is fine and nice to walk on. The sea is clean and the view of the beach was spectacular. There was a constant strong wind blowing in from the South China Sea. I’m going to post pics as soon as my friend sets up an account for me to upload images to his webhosting server.

We only spent an hour exploring the place and taking pictures before we left back to Johor Bahru. There was a light drizzle. Had some seafood for dinner. The stingray was very cheap! Costs only around 4.50 Singapore dollars but in Singapore, it costs up to 11 SGD.

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