Getting stressed

Not because of too much work. In fact, the more the merrier~ Hahaha, but not too much to the extent I need to work overtime. Having difficulties understanding what my boss wants. He talks faster than I can understand each sentence. And I have problems expressing my views and telling him how much I understand. I’ve landed myself in a job with huge responsibilities which I did not expect. I didn’t have the chance to start from a lower position and slowly learn things. Need to get my mindset reprogrammed.

I’ve given up the idea of running Linux OS on my Pentium2. Sure, I got RedHat up and running. Even found out how easy it was to compile Apache from source. But there’s too many incompatibilities and I can’t get used to it. Worse thing is I can’t get the display resolution up to 1152×864. If I force it in the config files, KDE would refuse to start. RedHat handled it well and I was able to easily resolve the problem and get everything back running again.

Instead, I installed Windows 2003 Web Edition Server on it. I’m surprised it ran well and didn’t take too much time to boot up compared to Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Seems like Win2K3 does not have the audio drivers for my antique Creative AWE64 ISA soundcard so I downloaded and installed WinNT drivers for it. The OS immediately auto rebooted 10 seconds after I logged in. Hah! I easily rendered a fresh installation of Win2K3 useless. Problem was easily solved by using the Repair option when I booted up using the installation CD. It basically reinstalled everything and my settings were preserved.

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