Recently, I began playing CounterStrike:Source again for nostalgic reasons. It’s also the only FPS game I could play without feeling nauseus after 20 minutes.

I’m sad at how it’s difficult to find a decent server with low latency. I hope this changes when I get a fiber connection probably by the end of this year.

And when I find a low-latency server, it’s always set to a fixed map (de_dust2), or it has weird mods like instant-respawn.

When I finally found one with the traditional settings, it’s a high-latency server.

Anyway, I found one that’s frequented by Singapore players, low-latency (20~30ms) and default rules, even had friendly fire turned on. I love it here so far.

Everyone plays according to the rules. Counter-Terrorists actually play according to the aim of the map (defend bomb-sites, rescue hostages), instead of rushing to eliminate Terrorists. Terrorists actually try to secure the bomb-site to plant the bomb instead of camping at their base.

Probably because this is a very old game. All the young hooligans that don’t like to play by the rules of the map have all gone up and left for newer games like Dota or Diablo 3. Only the ones that truly enjoy the basics of the game remain.

The server’s name is so aptly named: Old Man Gang.

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