Japan 2010 – Day 2

A week before my arrival in Japan, P-san and S-san, a wedded couple from my FFXI’s dynamis LS asked if I wanted to meet them.

Of course I do!

And today, Saturday, we arranged to meet up at Akihabara station.

Our first destination was a maid cafe which I wanted to go. S felt very shy going in while P seemed comfortable with it. We had drinks and conversed. S is a web developer like me too, and P is a fashion designer.

They brought me to shop for clothes around Harajuku. After hours of walking, we had stopped to rest at a coffee restaurant to decide where to go next.

We went to Tokyo Tower, followed by dinner at an okonomiyaki restaurant and then just as we were about to go our seperate ways at the train station, they invited me to stay over at their home!

It was a nice 3 floor mansion(?), advanced toilet, and even a small TV in the bathroom.

I was the first to go to sleep that night, in a nice warm futon for the first time.

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