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Recently, I’ve been thinking of how May’N ‘s career seems to be going down. Her “May’N Street” mini album especially. Those new songs that weren’t related to Macross Frontier, especially May’N Space, are bad. For now, I will still stand by this statement.

As I thought more about why, I realize that perhaps she owes half her fame from Sheryl Nome, one of the heroines in the anime series. Because of that, May’N seems have an image for singing emotional songs like Northern Cross, Lion, Diamond Crevasse, What ’bout my star. Not hippy or happy songs.

(And perhaps those songs are so good, to me at least, that they’ve set a standard so high it’s hard to reach with the new songs.)

Yea, I like the character Sheryl Nome more than the person behind her singing voice. I ought to be ashamed for calling myself a fan of May’N. (But I really do like her singing, just like how I like KOTOKO‘s.)

But because of the anime, I’m unconciously denying her songs that weren’t “sung” by Sheryl Nome.

During the AFA09 concert, when it was May’N ‘s turn to perform, she started off with Pink Monsoon, a new song from the Macross Frontier movie. I accepted it because I knew it was from the anime.

After this first song, there were a few new songs which I’ve never heard of and I immediately denied those songs simply because I assumed they weren’t related to the anime.

I even justified this by telling people how the crowd responded strongly when May’N started singing songs from the anime.

Also, it could’ve just been me but I’ve also noticed how disappointed she looked when she sees how the crowd reacted strongly to the Macross F songs. I thought to myself, “She must’ve felt sad that her sudden rise in fame was because of a fictional character.”

Just yesterday, as I was listening to Macross Frontier Radio, near the end they played one of the songs, Universal Bunny, from the movie. This song was also sung during the AFA09 concert.

I suddenly felt it was good. Though honestly, during the concert I did enjoy it.

But now I like it more knowing it was from the Macross F movie.

So embarassed at myself.

And one more very embarassing thing happened during the concert. In between songs, May’N said things like “I love Singapore!” to which the crowd responded by cheering. Then for one of the questions, she started speaking in Japanese and asked “Are there anyone from Japan?”, I understood the question so I kept quiet.

But half the audience cheered, and May’N gave a strange laugh.

Even though I kept quiet, just thinking about this incident made me very embarassed, lol

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