New computer

Bought the parts last night. Was planning to get everything so I got a friend of mine to help me carry everything back. But we started shopping a little to late and ended up buying everything except the chassis. So no fun for me until I get one later today.

Intel i7-860

At first, I wanted to get a i7-920 CPU because of triple channel memory. But then I learned about this motherboard which supports SATA 3.0 and as you can see in the image above, “4x speed via RAID 0”, which won me over. Because my main gaming computer is running on RAID 0 WD Raptors.

But this motherboard does not support the i7-900 series CPU so I went for the alternative i7-860. Price range is close.

MSI R5770

Chose a cheap 5770 card for now. Waiting for 5870 to be cheaper before I go for a pair of those.

Corsair HX750W

Didn’t expect this PSU box to be so huge. But the actual unit is normal in size. Got this because of the 7 years warranty, modular cables, and enough juice for running dual graphic cards in future.

SATA Ports

Can’t wait to setup everything and play with my new computer. However, it will be a huge chore to backup everything and restore them after getting windows back up.

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  1. I forgot that you were building a new computer lol. I should have told you sooner. Have a friend that can get Intel products for half price because of his line of work. I’ll probably wait until FF14 to build a new machine, but I was thinking of getting the i7-950 because of the half price deal.

  2. SSD is still expensive here. A friend in Japan told me that for an Intel SSD, it costs only SG$200 in Japan, whereas in Singapore, it costs over SG$1000. I think he’s talking about MLC though but I didn’t clarify.

    The i7 that I bought turned out to be worse than my E6600. At stock speed, I lagged very badly in whitegate that my character seemed to have gravity effect on.

    Back on E6600, even though I lagged, I won’t have “gravity” effect.

    Had to disable HT and overclock it from 2.8GHz to 3.6GHz to make it perform the same as my E6600.

    Posted it in local hardware forum and people said the i7s aren’t good for gaming.

  3. Meh, have you tested on games other than FFXI? FFXI is a special case, having the best hardware doesn’t necessarily mean best because FFXI on PC is such a poor port from the PS2 :/. From what I’ve read, the i7-950 runs the current games amazingly.

  4. That may be true but I don’t think I want to find out myself anymore.

    Anyway, I bought good hardware just so I can play FFXI decently.

    Even if this CPU excels at other games, if it can’t run the game I play a lot well enough, there’s no point.

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