Over enthusiasm

Sometimes, when I come across something really good, like an anime series or a song/music. I’ll have this strong urge to get my friends to watch/listen too.

But often when one appears too enthusiastic about getting someone else to watch something, he ends up making the other party uncomfortable. They will then have a bad impression towards that anime and will never watch it at all.

Happened to me once when I tried to get a friend to watch a particular anime series. Now, I’ve given up getting him to watch it as I know he has unconciously blacklisted that anime.

Think Naruto too. Some of you might be irritated at how fans keep saying it’s the best anime. I’m of you by the way. But to be fair, I find the manga good but the anime terrible.

However, I’m also one of those who say Evangelion is the best anime. When asked what’s my favourite, I would no doubt answer Evangelion. Except I will not go crazy telling everyone I come across about it.

Every time someone approaches me, behaving over enthusiastic about selling me a product, I instantly turn them down because I can’t help but suspect that they have an ulterior motive.

Perhaps TV is to blame as they always portray the conman as someone very enthusiastic.

So nowadays, I stop myself from directly telling someone to try something.

Instead, I wait for people to ask, or find a chance to introduce it during a casual conversation, or do subtle advertising like posting a youtube video of the anime’s OP/ED in facebook and hope some curious friend clicks on it.

The trick is to lure people. Like, put a quote of your favourite anime in your MSN status message. When someone asks you what it’s about, you tell him it’s from this anime. His interest will be piqued and you will have succeeded in sharing.







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  1. Thats actually a very good point–and I’ve pretty much had the same experiences when trying to get people to watch stuff. D:

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