Vana Update: Proto-Omega!

My social, I repeat, _social_ linkshell, attempted our second proto-omega fight. The first one was rather disastrous with bodies falling everywhere but we won anyways with 17 people (including friends not in the LS), with less than 3 minutes left on the clock. This first one was back in September 2006. Time flies…

This second run, with only 11 members, went a lot smoother and faster.


I think we took about 20 minutes, had 3 deaths. 1 from the SAM who got hate around the middle of the fight, 2 from Tuufless, 1st one I believe is from the Gunpods, perhaps it triple-attacked? And 1 from taking hate from nuking during Omega’s last form.

I requested for 2x March, and coupled with haste, I believe it can be solo-tanked easily by an average PLD/NIN. But a second tank is required for those hate reset TP abilities from omega.

Lots of paralyze procs from Trebla’s paralyze II, made it possible to just use utsu:ichi alone, lol

Drops were body, legs, feet. Body went to Myoha, legs to Crixis and feet to Tottie.

Now for the obligatory dance break. D:

Now the minor stuff.

Our salvage runs have been going fine. I won lot on 2 LV15 pieces for Ares’ hands and feet. There’s only 1 competitor for Ares, lol

I’ve begun participating in dynamis again. Had Sollanon introduce me into Zorinsoul. This time, it’s a sleep-friendly time schedule, haha. My previous LS, ExplorerII, had runs in 12am and 4am. My new one now has runs once a week, starting at 6.30pm. It’s a pretty comfortable schedule for me.

And on my first run, happens to be Xarcabard and they were going for Shadow Lord. D:

I was sooo unprepared for it.

I even lost TP before the fight because I switched grips forgetting that it resets TP. So I just equipped haste gear, ate sushi and because we had a BRD giving us Soul Voice marches, I just went Last Resort + Souleater + Blood weapon and let myself swing away.

Aegis update:

5% complete!

For crafting, my smithing mule is just 0.2 away from finishing. Alchemy mule has reached 100. Suprisingly, or perhaps I just had very good luck, alchemy is cheap to bring it to 100. It had 800k originally and now it’s down to 100k. But I did some T3 synths along the way to cover the costs. It also has the 2 +1 equipment and +1 furniture. The whole process probably took about 6 months?

Ending this post with just another screenshot that shows the importance of HP merits! lol

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