Now I can kite better!

After playing PLD for a while, I’ve decided to move on and try other things. I’ve finally tried a bit of shadow tanking on Suzaku and Seiryu and I guess it went well.

Of course it went well. Because most of the time, the hate went to the other 2 tanks, lol. I was too anxious I didn’t hit my equip switch macros. My attention was totally focused on timing my utsusemi casting and curing myself. >_<

Then to make kiting easier, I’ve also decided to go for the crimson cuisses that give +12% movement speed. After like 4 or 5 kirins, it finally dropped for me.

Ignore the Osode, I was just temporarily holding onto it.

At first, I passed on these so others could make better use of it. It doesn’t
matter if I get it or not because no matter who gets it, the LS grows stronger.

And just for trivia, this cursed cuisses -1 was entirely funded from about a month or two of selling Fish Mithkabobs! Haha!

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  1. lol~~ I just got mine recently too! I opted for NQ though, because.. well, somehow I don’t see 2 HP and 2 MP worth like, 90k. ;) Congrats!!

  2. Did you wear them when you were kiting Agas, only the find out he was a pushover? :D

    Congratulations again on your HQ running pants! :D

  3. Thanks :)

    Ashira: yea, not much difference, but it’s all about the white box! lol

    Sodalitas: haha, when I saw crixis stopping to tank, I switched to normal gear and started hitting away already

  4. :/

    Congrats on the cuisses. :x That was the only thing refused to drop for me on my old character during Kirin runs. I don’t even want to think about how much time could have been saved if I had that extra 12% movement speed. >_<

    But, hey, I’m thinking about it now; aren’t I?! That was a rhetorical question by the by. :x

    Anywizzles, congrats again. :P

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