Updated my previous entry on my Japan trip, scroll down to see it. I’ll try to be brief about it. Over time, I’ll blog about the next few days of my trip.

Sort of got over my huge loss. I didn’t feel anything when I lost my 60,000 yen silver FF7AC Cloudy Wolf earring (the picture in this link shows a pair, but it’s actually 1 in the box), which I bought while I was in Japan. I liked it a lot.

I sort of knew I would lose it when I found out it just clamps to your ear instead of going through the pierced hole in your ear. But I found that out only after the purchase. I wouldn’t have bought it if I knew it clamps on.


Thinking back, this year has been financially horrible for me. Keep falling sick and a huge chunk of my savings were, in a way, wasted on really unneccesary things. Until the next year comes, I’m not going to spend lots of money on anything unless it’s a neccessity.

Thanks to Monster Hunter 2 on the PSP, I got a few more friends hooked so now we’ve been meeting up regularly to hunt together. Didn’t have enough time to explore the new expansion in FFXI let alone level White Mage.

Thus, I hope I can clear and use my last 6 days of work leave to catch up on all the things I’ve been putting on hold. Recently, my 160GB harddisk had a CRC error reported by Utorrent which suggests that the harddisk has a physical defect. Now I need to backup 140GB worth of data and send it for replacement. :(

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