[Japan] – Day 2

Woke up early for breakfast, it ends at 9am. I was expecting western, all you can eat style, but it turned out to be Japanese and fixed menu. I can’t identify what was on the huge plate but it was mostly vegetarian. Wasn’t bad, I finished everything.

There were a couple of other people there in the restaurant. From their accent, I’m guessing they are from China.

Anyway, today’s the day I meet with 2 Japanese friends whom I’ve made over Final Fantasy 11, J and Z, at Akihabara.

Z had already arrived when I went to the meeting place at JR Akihabara station. We instantly noticed each other and exchanged greetings. J was a little late, after he arrived, we went to a cafe nearby for coffee and chat. Both of them are a lot older than me. :o

Next, we went looking around for a maid cafe and ended up here. Not really what I expected though, perhaps it’s because it wasn’t a true maid cafe. The waitresses do not address you as "master" unless you have a member card and have spent a huge amount of money there.

Then we went for sushi, at a traditional sushi restaurant. It’s prepared and served right in front of you. Here, and finally, I tried what I’ve always wanted to, Ootoro sushi (Fatty tuna). It was fabulous.

Ramen next, we went to Yodobashi-Akiba, a building that sells a lot of electronic and hobby stuff. I think it was at level 6 or 7 where there’s restaurants.

Finally, we had a bit of sake (Japanese wine) at a place called Kakoiya. It had a maze-like layout and nice window view.

Before everyone left, we took some photos with one another. J and Z took the train back. Z lives further up north and takes about 3 hours to travel to Tokyo by train to meet me, so he had to leave early.

I’m the guy on the left by the way

I continued roaming Akiba since my hotel is near and I still have a lot of time. I walked so much my feet ached.

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