dental cleaning

Been having a weird slight uncomfortable feeling on 2 of my upper teeth when chewing food. So I decided to go for a dental checkup.

It hurts. :(

The doctor cleaned up my teeth. I think he used the "drill" thing and it kinda went deep between my tooth and gums. This is where it hurts. Still tolerable though.

Then he applied some flouride for me. Because this cleaning will make my teeth more sensitive, he says it will protect and reduce sensitivity.

Mouth feels different. I can still feel that "drill" going into my gums. I’ve lost all motivation to work  hard today…

$20 (USD13) for consultation
$80 (USD55) for cleaning
$30 (USD20) for the flouride

And it seems that one of my wisdom tooth is a bit crooked. I’ll have to pay more attention cleaning that tooth or I’ll have to go for a minor operation to remove it.


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