The Tarutaru Times Online

This is what my so called "secret project" was.

The Tarutaru Times Online 

Basically, it’s a blog directory. I’m trying to build a FFXI blogging community here.

I couldn’t come up with a good name so I used the name of a place in Vana’diel, Tarutaru Times. Even the picture above was taken there! 

Registered blogs with RSS feeds will have latest entries from their blogs showing up on the main page of the site. There, with one glance, we can all see which blogs have new content to read.

I’ve also allowed blogs with no RSS feeds to be added. It is a "blog directory" anyway.

For bloggers, it’s a one-time setup. After you’ve added your RSS feed, everything is automatic. When you make a new post on your blog, give it about 20~60 minutes (configurable) and when TTTO picks up the new entry, it will be displayed on the main page. However, bloggers will have to get a registration key first from me or any other existing bloggers.

For blog readers, you can register an account and subscribe to your favourite blogs. There’s a "My Subscriptions" page where you will only be shown the latest entries from the blogs you’ve subscribed to.

I welcome any suggestions/comments. You can leave a comment here or email me!

I wonder if anyone has noticed that I don’t have an RSS feed for my own blog. Ironic eh? lol. I’ll work on it soon. ( >_<)

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  1. Oh ya you should give me a code so I can put my blog on here I actually plan to start updating it…and get around to coding that layout <,<.

  2. Oh! Thanks for reminding me, Wyred.

    WYRED FOR PRESIDENT!! *coughsFeiwongBrieflyCameBackOnKItoCallAllTheAdmins”ShitAdmins”AndTryToStirUpDramaAgain.IForgotAboutHimUntilHePosted.Damn,ThisGuy’sDoingAGoodJobMakingHimselfInfamaouslyStupid*

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