After 3 Haubergeon synthesis sessions, I finally HQed! I’ve broke tier 1 so it’s a 10% HQ chance. Out of 13 synths, 1 HQ, which is pretty much the same as the 10% rate.

1st session: 0/4
2nd session: 0/4
3rd session: 1/5, HQ on 5th synth

I stayed up because it was new moon, and decided to wait for lightningsday afternoon vanadiel time before I begin the 3rd Haubergeon synthesis session. It’s almost 1am now and I can’t sleep! XD

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  1. *lol* Congratarulations, Wyred! Memory’s going, but the 10% tier is 11 level above, rightaru? Have those dang d.ingots gotten cheap enough to risk trying to 10% HQ, now? (o.O)

    Because you’re tempting me. *lol*

  2. Thazienne: D:

    Aerroenu: Hmm, d.ingots are around 550~600K, NQ synth results in a loss of about 100k, HQ synth is a profit of 3.3M. :)

    Wally: Thanks :D

  3. Come play with me. The wind blows cool on a warm day. :D

    And, Wyred, makes sense. It’s kinda why I’m reluctant to level Clothcraft (like I originally wanted), Smithing, or Goldsmithing. *lol*

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