mmm beer

It was Monday, work as usual. Tuesday was a public holiday. No work, but I had plans to meet up with my colleagues to watch Spiderman 3. It was good except the ending part where everything seems a little too rushed.

"Out of nowhere, for no reason, someone says something and changes someone else’s mind and suddenly this happened and that happened." kind of rushed.

Back to the topic. 

My colleagues and I went down to a small restaurant in Bugis. It’s a buffet style steamboat.

In the middle of the table, there’s a huge pot that’s divided into 2 sections, 1 has spicy soup and the other, non-spicy. We order what we want on a slip and it’s brought to us. Some ingredients take time to cook, others like strips of beef, we dip it into the hot soup for a short while to cook it and then eat it.

Then one colleague suggested going to a pub for a drink. We had some beer, played some dice games, where I lost a few rounds and the punishment was to drink a cup of beer.

I think I drank too much in a short period of time cos I got drunk pretty soon. But damn, it feels good.

I was quite high but sober enough to walk properly. Good enough to take the train home.

I swear it’s true…

… that I got Aegis and my last PLD legs piece last night.

In a dream. 

I was so happy I was like, "hey, let’s go fight some shit, I want to tank stuff!" in that dream. I even woke up feeling wow. And then after a few minutes sitting up on my chair, I realized it was just a dream.

Yea, I’ve been thinking about these 2 items a lot lately. Is it a sign that I will get them soon? Or a sign that I need to cut down on FFXI.

And I was half drunk when I went to sleep last night. Could alcohol be it?