Singapore’s Crazy Weather

It’s that time of the year again.

One day it’s hot, the next day it’s cold. Last night at 12am as I was trying to sleep, it was very warm. The sky was so clear I could see the stars clearly. Then at about 5am, it rained heavily.

And they say it will get hotter as each year passes because of global warming.

I feel like installing an air conditioner in my room but such devices consume lots of electricity!

Aegis – 01 – The first step

On April 28th 2007, I’ve taken the first step towards Aegis. It’s going to take me years so don’t expect me to finish it before Christmas this year! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

I asked all the people I know to help me with the Amaltheia NM fight for it’s hide. The hide is needed to make Amaltheia Leather for the first relic shield upgrade. A lot of my friends have mage jobs so the fight turned out to be easy.

Setup was:

Alliance PT #2: BLMx4
Adds PT: BRD BLMx5

Adds PT clears the area before I pop Amaltheia.

RDM didn’t seem to have any problems landing gravity. He had 1 or 2 enfeebling merits.

I think we could’ve done it with 2 PLDs. The Amaltheia was brought down the tunnel to an open area in the south.

All the sheep it calls to it move at walking speed so they are nothing to worry about.

SAM died once, a BLM died twice, second death was because he was in banishga range while weakened.

I forgot to take screenshots, so the following will have to suffice. ( T-T)

Found a 100 leathercrafter to help me synth the hide. We sort of knew each other from a previous NA social linkshell so he didn’t charge me for the synth. :D

All the stuff and currency needed for my first upgrade are ready. Just need to get another relic shield from Dynamis-Jeuno to begin the first upgrade.