vana report

Since my last entry on merits, I’ve maxed out my Sentinel recast, acquired Fealty, maxed out HP merits. So what’s next?

I have 3 categories left to finish. Paladin, Dark Knight, and Attributes.

Firstly, Paladin.
I’m not going to touch group 1 merits for now. I can’t decide between rampart recast, cover length and shield bash recast (IF I get myself a Aegis).
So for group 2, I’m going to max out Guardian to LV3 (9 merits required), followed by Chivalry LV2 (4 merits).

Second, Dark Knight.
Group 1: I intend to max out Last resort effect (9 merits) and recast (14 merits).
Group 2: Desperate Blows LV3 (9 merits)

Lastly, Attributes.
STR currently at LV2, I intend to max out STR (27 merits). I’ve thought of pumping AGI before, to increase parry/shield block rates for my PLD. But I don’t know how much 2 points of AGI will help. Anyone knows?

For jobs, NIN at LV43, I need LV57 to use Hocho. I’m going to take it to 60 just for AF.

When NIN’s done, I may take WHM to 75 just for fun. I like WHM AF since FF1 days. Though it probably won’t look nice on a male hume. I have 2 pieces of WHM relic AF already.

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