Mog Lockers for my mules

It was tiring…

But I’m finally done getting Aht Uhrgan access for my remaining 2 mules. A real life friend of mine who also plays the game was at work so I abused his account to farm the 6 sub job quest items for my mules.

The tiring part is running around vana’diel without a chocobo. orz

But yes… I’m finally done with this.

I have 4 mules, each in Windurst, San’dOria, Bastok, Jeuno and Al Zahbi. My main character is a LV6 Mithra THF (!?) and my mule character is a 75DRK/75PLD(!??!!?) which I spend most of my time on.

My San’dOria mule holds many low level equip for many of my low level jobs. Windurst mule is my ingredients mule, which is almost full after reorganizing all the food ingredients from other mules. >_>

Bastok mule which is my smithing character, holds many smithing stuff. Jeuno mule holds higher level equipment and mage equipment. Sometimes when I help friends out with level capped missions or in level capped areas, I prefer to go as BLM as I didn’t keep low level equipment for my PLD and DRK.

Having a character in each country also makes it easy to gather materials for synthesis. Sometimes the NPCs that sell those materials, sell them cheaper than what you can get on the Auction House!

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  1. *lawl!!* I did the same thing with all four of MY mules, too! BF let me borrow his character to farm the 6 subjob items. Things are a bit easier if you pack the mules with hermes quenchers, silent oils, prism powders, and… yes, the mea crystal. *lol*

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