The great March 2007 update

Why I say great? Because it addresses a lot of issues that have been caused by annoying gilsellers.

The following quest changes have been made:

– A job level requirement has been added to the quests listed below. The required level varies from quest to quest.

The Rumor/Intermediate Teamwork/Healing the Land/Altana’s Sorrow/Making the Grade/Curses, Foiled A-Golem!?/Know One’s Onions/Acting in Good Faith/ Stop Your Whining/Secret of the Damp Scroll/The Sahagin’s Stash/It’s Not Your Vault

-A new level requirement has been added to the quest “An Explorer’s Footsteps,” and the once-a-day offer restriction has been removed.

-Supply quests can now be undertaken only once a day (Earth time).
*Players must wait until 0:00 JST before attempting to retake the quest.

Gilsellers have been creating characters, with names generated by smashing their head on their keyboards, and then using them to repeat certain quests for their reward item. They send the reward item to another character which puts it up on the Auction House for sale.

Then they delete those characters and repeat the process above.

I saw a bunch of naked characters with head-smashing-keyboard generated names in Jeuno the other day.

The synthesis recipes listed below were temporarily removed in the February 2007 version update. These recipes will now create different items.

rusty cap/rusty greatsword/rusty pick

Gilsellers created hundreds of accounts (ouch, their heads must hurt) to fish up those items, repair them through synthing, and sell it to NPC for around 1000g. Multiply that by 100(or more characters) and you are generating possibly 100,000g at least every 10 minutes.

Here’s a few youtube videos of those gilsellers in action in Batallia downs, and someone trying to get them killed.

The conditions for certain Notorious Monsters to appear, as well as certain treasure drops, have been adjusted in the following manner:

– The method for obtaining the items listed below has been adjusted.
The monsters that dropped these items now have a chance of dropping an EX/Rare item with the exact same attributes.

Fuma Kyahan/Speed Belt/Ochiudo’s Kote/Strider Boots/Healing Staff/Eurytos’ Bow/Cross-Counters

Gilsellers camp the above NMs in groups, monopolizing them making regular players unable to get those equip for their own use or to fund their equip upgrades.

Here’s the best one:

– The Notorious Monsters listed below now require a certain item to be traded in a certain location in order to appear.

Big Bomb/Alkyoneus/Pallas/Sozu Rogberry/Ullikummi

The sky LS I’m in, has spent hours camping Ulli just to see gilsellers claim it many times. Now, everyone will have a better chance of getting Byakko’s trigger item from Ulli.

HOWEVER, I doubt the overcrowding and RMT problem will go away any time soon. It will take at least a month or 2 to see the results of this change.

– The items listed below can now be obtained through different methods.
Cassie Earring/Serket Ring/Juggernaut
*The Juggernaut will still also drop from the usual monster, but at a lower probability.

– The “Lock of Siren’s Hair” will be removed from the treasure dropped by the following Notorious Monsters.

Voll the Sharkfinned/Zuug the Shoreleaper/Pahh the Gullcaller/Worr the Clawfisted
*In accordance with this change, the drop rate of this item from monsters other than the four mentioned above will be increased.

A few more gilseller dominated NMs changed to help players who really want those equipment but cannot afford.

Lastly, a non-gilseller related update, which I feel is rather amusing:

Several new terms have been added to the auto-translate feature.
Game Terms – Support Job

After 4~5 years, they finally decided to at the auto-translate for "Support Job" which has been there (all the while?)

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