Healing Breath PT

Grabbed a few friends to go on a merit PT.

The 4 people I asked, said ok. And I forgot to consider the jobs they had and in the end, all 5 of us had only melee/tank jobs.

My friend suggested getting another DRG and he will come as DRG himself and let the wyverns do the healing. So it’s a DRG/WHMx2 heal breath PT!

A few exciting moments as we don’t have any mage to sleep the links. Although my enfeebling skill was capped(225+5 from Abyss sollerets), all my sleep spells were resisted. orz

We could chain #5 and were doing pretty ok for a merit PT. Camp was Mount Zhayolm at Cerberus’ spawn area and we fought troll RNG, DRK, WAR, PLD, MNK.

Of them all, RNG was the most undesired mob because of it’s AOE WS. MNK too, as they attack fast and have low delay. Takes shadows off the NIN fast.

All trolls have Overthrow WS which goes through shadows and does 200~400 damage?

I don’t know how healing breath works but from my observations, the DRGs cast poisona while moving so the spell gets interuppted, and at the same time when the spell starts casting, the wyverns use Healing Breath III which heals about 250HP?

It’s common to see everyone having yellow health.

It turned out to be quite fun!

Maxed out my 10mbps bandwidth

Click for larger version

It was 2am I think. Off peak hours in Singapore. There’s rumours that Singnet (local ISP) throttles down our bandwidth during peak hours so all it’s customers can have a smooth internet experience.

Anyway, I was very suprised to hit my maximum downloading bandwidth. I’m on 10mbps ADSL2 plan. The max theoretical download in MB I have is:

10Mbits = 10,000,000bits

1Byte = 8bits

1KByte = 1024Bytes

(((10,000,000bits / 8) / 1024) / 1024) = 1.19MBytes

To hit 1.3MByte (point 1 in screenshot) is very suprising.

Take a look at point 2 in the screenshot above. That’s a truncated list of people I was connected to for that torrent. The top 3 uploaders to me were uploading at 400~500KByte/s to me.

Point 3: They were from Japan.

Recently a JP friend of mine in FFXI told me upgraded to a fibre optic connection. Seems like it’s very common in Japan?