Maxed out my 10mbps bandwidth

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It was 2am I think. Off peak hours in Singapore. There’s rumours that Singnet (local ISP) throttles down our bandwidth during peak hours so all it’s customers can have a smooth internet experience.

Anyway, I was very suprised to hit my maximum downloading bandwidth. I’m on 10mbps ADSL2 plan. The max theoretical download in MB I have is:

10Mbits = 10,000,000bits

1Byte = 8bits

1KByte = 1024Bytes

(((10,000,000bits / 8) / 1024) / 1024) = 1.19MBytes

To hit 1.3MByte (point 1 in screenshot) is very suprising.

Take a look at point 2 in the screenshot above. That’s a truncated list of people I was connected to for that torrent. The top 3 uploaders to me were uploading at 400~500KByte/s to me.

Point 3: They were from Japan.

Recently a JP friend of mine in FFXI told me upgraded to a fibre optic connection. Seems like it’s very common in Japan?

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