Valor Surcoat, Proto-Omega, LV73PLD

A lot happened over the weekend.

Now I’m left with the legs piece to complete PLD relic AF set.

Then I took a few hours sleep and joined my friend’s limbus LS at their Proto-Omega fight.

Very cool looking mecha. Hmmm, is Proto-Omega a mech?

Parrying at 192! I survived an extra 5 seconds after getting hate from Proto-Omega.

We won on our first try. Killed it in the last 3 minutes. Those last 3 minutes were very intense as Proto-Omega still have 10~15% of HP left. We used chainspell stun, invincible during those last 3 minutes, BLMs went nuking and we killed it.

2 Omega’s eyes dropped but I lost lot on both. I looked up the Homam set and it’s pretty good to get for my PLD and DRK job.

Warped back to Al Zahbi, just in time for a LV5 Undead Swarm besieged.

By this time, 5 generals were down and the door to the Astral Candescene was open. Lamia No.9 almost entered but somehow someone managed to pull it away to the main open area. I went into the room for a bit of sightseeing~

We won in the end. Close call.

Then I went to take a nap. And joined a friend who invited me to level with his SAM. He had 2 other friends, a MNK and a RDM. In our 3 hours PT, we racked up 20,000 experience points. +2000 because I used my empress band twice (Used it at 1/10 in Jeuno and recharged it before we set off).

Hit LV73 in this PT~♪

Adaman Cuirass (Body), Adaman Cuisses (Legs), Koenig Schaller (Head).

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