PLD 内藤 71

I finally get to wear my first PLD AF relic piece, the feet!

I’m about 13,000exp more to 72 and I have the relic hands ready too. Getting a little impatient and excited. Can’t wait to get 75 and start tanking sky gods, NMs, KS99 wyrm and other stuff.

My last exp PT was short and a little stressful. The WAR in my PT had Ridill, a sword that occasionally hits 2-3 times. So yea, he ended up tanking 40% of the time. He could get hate so well and easily that I use sentinel, rampart, provoke, flash back to back and still not be able to turn the monster to me.

I switched in all my enmity gear (total of +23 enmity), switched in assault earring and royal guard’s collar for more accuracy and attack. I gave up +17 shield skill for this. Since MP wasn’t a problem (I had a RDM that promptly refreshes me), I wanted to receive extra damage here so I can spam cure 4s at myself for lots of hate.

Maybe I should start working on getting Joyeuse. A rapier that occasionally attacks twice. I’ve seen a RDM taru wield it and it procs quite frequently enough to be worth it.