[Japan Trip] A trip to Japan

Planning a trip to Japan with 2 other friends. None of us speak Japanese, I can read/type a little only. And it will be our first trip to Japan.

This entry will cover all the details!

Lodging: Tokyo Hostels 3500Yen/Night

When: February – March 2007

Budget per person: Minimum: $2000 SGD, to include Air tickets, lodging, travel and food.

Air tickets: For 3 people

Singapore Airlines: $3100 SGD round trip, 8 hour flight.

Malaysia Airlines: $2760 SGD round trip, 11 hour flight.

Lodging: 21,000 Yen for 6 nights, $282 SGD.



Emergency Use: $200 SGD.

General Schedule:

Sunday: Leave SG, arrive in JP.

Monday: Akihabara, Night: sightseeing in Tokyo. Tokyo tower?

Tuesday: Ghibli Museum, Hachikuro Cafe, shrine visiting.

Wednesday: Onsen trip! Maybe to Noboribetsu in Hokkaido? Good sushi there too I heard.

Thursday: Kyoto, Osaka.

Friday: Free Roam?

Saturday: Leave JP, back to SG.

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Singapore Embassy in Tokyo


HWZ Forums Thread

Anyone with or without experience, feel free to contribute! ヽ(´―`)ノ

I will update this thread as I find out more details.

Kusanagi Motoko – 草薙素子


Does anyone else think her legs should be a little more longer?





In GitS:SAC, there was one episode near the end of the season where a huge mech shot Kusanagi , destroying her left arm, the mech then stepped on her with it’s feet, crushing her. Her subordinates arrived just in time to save her with one shot from their huge rifle.

As she recovered, she shouted for the rifle and with one arm, she continously unloaded several shots at the mech under her, reloading after each shot with only one hand.

You can feel the anger from her during this scene. This will be one of the my favourite anime scenes, one other, is an impressive fight scene between Asuka and the EVA:Mass Production series in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Bad weekend

Had a lot of internet disconnections. The ADSL signal on my modem would light up and in 3 minutes, go off. At first I called up Singnet, my ISP. Firstly, a woman answered and asked me to troubleshoot it by connecting the modem directly to the wall without a microfilter. She said if it didn’t solve the problem, she would assign a technician to come to my house and do a line test.

The problem didn’t go away. So I called again, this time, a man. To keep the story short, he checked the logs and could tell I kept disconnecting. So he assigned a tech to come on Tuesday to do the line test. I was thinking, what if the problem went away Tuesday morning and came back Tuesday night?

I give up anyway. This isn’t the first time they’ve been giving me an instable connection.

So I decided to open up my modem since it’s 3 years old, warranty’s probably expired. And since I never used the wireless feature, I removed the PCMCIA wireless card inside. And proceeded to leave it running on my desk. Hmmm… No more disconnections.

Which reminds me of a similar case which happened in my office a few months ago. Our ADSL modem kept losing signal and disconnecting every 3~5 minutes. I called up the ISP, who immediately sent a technician down to do a line test. The technician didn’t have any problems and we concluded it was the modem that malfunctioned. We had it replaced and the problem was gone.

Perhaps my modem is failing too. Nice timing, I was going to upgrade my connection plan to a 10Mbps ADSL2+ line soon anyway.

I think overheating is causing the problems.

This morning when I came into the office, I noticed the earbuds of my earphones are being eaten off!! There’s no clue of what the suspect is… Perhaps termites? I immediately discarded the cardboard box that my earphones were resting on…

I’ve lost my writing skills

I just received a replacement for my debit card that’s expiring this October. To make it valid, the cardholder must sign on the back of the card.

Now for the past 3~4 years since I graduated, I haven’t used a pen / pencil for more than 10 minutes. So nowadays when I try to write some notes, it takes a lot of strength and effort and my handwriting is very ugly.

I guess that’s what you get for being a web developer / gamer where the keyboard is a good friend of yours. (´д`)

So I spent 30 minutes last night practicing my signature again and again but I still couldn’t sign the way I used to.

Haha, a few days ago when dining at Cafe Cartel with my mum and her friend, when I went to pay the bill using my debit mastercard, I had to sign on the receipt and my signature was so ugly it’s definitely obviously different from the back of my debit card. But the cashier did not bother to verify my signature.