Samurai and Dragoon

Yup, until the job adjustments for PLD is applied, I won’t be touching that job for a while. Meanwhile, I’ve been levelling Samurai and Dragoon both as SJs for my DRK. At lower levels, melee jobs are quite simple. Get all accuracy equip and food and just poke things with sharp objects. Report TP and hit your WS macro when your SC partner has enough TP too.

I’ve also hit lv25 for NIN. I bet you’d be surprised to know that I levelled my NIN from 21 to 25 using EXP scrolls gained from escort quests and that rivernewort quest. Hahaha

Staying up all those nights camping Ullikummi with my Sky LS has earned me so much merits that I’ve finally capped my weapon skills merits for Great Sword. I’m eager to see how well I can hit that big ape (Kirin). It’s a little irritating how something so huge, and you’re behind him, can still evade your attacks easily.

I will save the last 2 merit slots for my scythe. I’m happy to be able to break 2000 in Dynamis-Sand’Oria that night. I was using martial scythe, and had 200% TP (Effectively 300%TP). I ate Meat Mithkabobs and had a Bard in my PT giving me 2x Minuet. I think I did Absorb-STR each time. Seeing 2000+ Spiral Hell and the 2000+ additional damage from Darkness SC is great. I love observing the HP bar of my target go from 80% straight down to 0. But on occasions where my Spiral Hell ended up doing 1300~1500 and the SC only deals 300~500, I either survive with very little HP left or I die. ( >_<) Would be nice to have a second tank always in position for SATA.

Can’t wait to get Brutal Earring. For that rare 5% chance that Double Attack procs on my WSes, doubling my damage output. I could break 3000 or even 4000~

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