Black Mage and BCs

Black Mage level 52.

Up till now, the most boring part of playing BLM is in an EXP PT. And the most fun part is in BC battles.

I’ve went on an Ouryuu BC and Promyvion-Vahzl BC twice with great success, both either to help friends or for my own progress in the Promathia missions and they’ve been the most exciting battles I’ve had since BLM level 1.

That’s all I want to say today. [XD]

No, not quitting DRK, never will… 

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  1. IceDoll: Hee, FFXI is more fun than warcraft.

    Strawberrie: I don’t enjoy levelling BLM, I enjoy playing BLM in the 2 BC battles I mentioned~

    But I’ve been levelling BLM again recently and I did 2 MBs on 1 SC, which kinda makes levelling a little more interesting now. :D

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