Captivating Kirin

Level 72 Dark Knight. 3 more to 75. I haven’t been levelling much because I’m levelling other jobs. Black Mage for future BCNM40 runs. White Mage for teleport. Ranger, just for fun.

Besides all that, Zenryoku Zenkai, the sky linkshell I’m in, went on our first Kirin fight. I think it took us around 30-40 minutes to kill it. It was exciting and I died twice, first to Suzaku’s Chainspell Firaga3 and to some breath attack by Kirin just before he fell.

During the first half of the fight, our ninjas would kite it around the area waiting for Kirin to summon the 4 gods, Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryu and Byakko. These summoned gods are easier then the original ones. One person would “call for help” on these so those not in the alliance could help to kill it.

After the 4 lesser gods are down, we begin fighting Kirin. Our main damage dealers here are rangers, black mages and summoners. Nothing much for a dark knight ( T-T).

The best I can do is run after the big ape and use my sneak attack every minute for 100+ points of damage and keep casting stun.

For the first half of the fight, I wasn’t in the 18 man alliance. Not until the later half when I got switched in. *insert dumb-looking happy face here*

And I also went on a Hakutaku run! The NM that drops the Optical Hat, spawned by an item traded to a point located in Den of Rancor. I remember waking up that day, put up my flag for exp pt, and got a /tell from Traktor, the nice Tarutaru who actually farmed the Hakutaku eyes for me.

There’s like 5 or 6 eyes that are needed to make the Hakutaku eye cluster, which is in turn, used to spawn Hakutaku. Traktor farmed most of them for me for free, and I bought 1 from someone’s bazaar and farmed the last one myself.

This hat is the last thing I wanted in my accuracy equipment set. So I guess I can go on EXP PTs again soon~

Also, Singnet, my ISP provider, has launched it’s ADSL2 services. I’m going to upgrade my connection to the 10Mbps plan, not for the download speeds but the 1Mbps upload so I can have enough bandwidth to begin hosting my own images instead of using my friend’s web host which seems to be going down a lot frequently these days.

Just waiting to see what ADSL2 modems there are and what others say about it’s stability. This is something I did not expect when I first bought my router modem. It’s going to be useless now if I upgrade to ADSL2.

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