Lotsa accomplishments

Accomplished quite a lot over the weekend. Feels like I’m being compensated for all the wasted time waiting in Jeuno for a party invite. Here’s a quick summary…

Well, first, I got my cooking skill to 60! Now working on guild points to get Raw Fish Handling key item so I can craft sushi.

I was fortunate enough to get invites from the same people. I think I performed well enough during my first exp sessions for them to remember my name. ^^
I dealt 700-1000 damage just with Souleater+Guillotine. About 400-500 with Guillotine alone. All Trick Attacked onto my tank.

Just when I was 97 exp left to hit level 66, and we were fighting the last Processionaire for my level up, a Water Elemental spawned on top of my mages!
White mage finished casting Escape and everyone warped out safely. But then our tank, also our leader, got disconnected and never came back for 5 minutes.
Since 3 other members had to go in 20 minutes I felt it was best we disband. Suggested this in party chat to which everyone agreed.

On the other hand, Evasama had rounded up a few people for a skill up party at the same area where I was, so I joined them.
Heh, my wish of levelling up in a skill up PT is fulfilled!

Now that I’ve hit level 66, the cap on my Great Sword skill is raised. I can proceed past the 224 mark to hit 225, just nice for Spinning Slash weaponskill.
I heard it does up to 1500 damage and ends with a Light (level 3 skillchain) for another 1500 damage.

Later that day, while heading back to Windurst to check my stats from the Event Moogle, a linkshell member Trebla called out for me that there’s a Windurst Mission 8-1 shout going on in Jeuno.
We both got into the party which consists of mostly Galkas. A few of the Galkas needed to do this mission and most of their Galka Linkshell members had come to help us out. It was fun playing with them.

After we finished M8-1 and are on our way back to Windurst, I asked the leader when will he be doing M8-2, last mission for Rank 9. A discussion began and we decided to do it since one of the members had her White Mage up to level 60 and could Teleport-Vahzl us. We had to go Fei’Yin as part of the mission.

Back in my Lineage2 Japan Open Beta days, we had farming sessions together. About 10+ of us, 1-2 Americans, 1-2 Singaporeans, the rest Japanese players. At the end of the session, when everyone bids each other farewell, there’s always
this sad feeling like we’ll never see one another again. I felt this again when saying goodbyes to the other players that we did this Rank 9 missions with. It was a fun filled 5 hour run with funny conversations along the way ( T-T). Bah, forgot to take a screenshot of everyone together.

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