Lunar New Year

The Chinese New Year falls on the 9th and 10th of February. Boss declared company off on 8th and 11th. I applied for leave on the 7th. The result is another long vacation from work. ^^

Last night, I had dinner at Edo Sushi at Thomson Plaza with a friend. The sushi we had were nice. I took 2 plates of salmon sashimi off the belt. I mixed too much wasabi with soya sauce. TOO MUCH WASABI. It felt like sniffing in tiny pieces of shattered glass and my eyes watered.

It was halfway through eating when I saw the price of the plates at the far back of the restaurant. $1.80 for colored plates, $5 for black plates. And the salmon sashimi I took were of black plates. [X(]

Anyway, the tempura ramen and beef noodle we ordered came. Both tasted very plain but at least it’s not unpleasant to the tongue. With all that sushi and the ramen, we were both very full.

me: “Ahh… I’m a happy man…”
friend, pointing at black plates with chopsticks “Five dollars.”
me: “fuck”

Considering the total bill was $44 for such “normal-taste” food and I don’t think I will be visiting Edo Sushi again.

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