500,000 gil

After several hours in Zeruhn Mines and selling hundreds of Jack-o’-Lanterns, I now have 500,000 gil all saved up on my mule. Putting all that cash on my mule makes it easier to control my spendings and keep track of earnings.

Of that 500K, 200K was earned from selling JoLs. I’m going to stop crafting more for sale now. Since I pumped the price to 4000gil, it attracted a lot of other cooks who compete with me and offer lower prices. My stock ends up gathering dust on the shelves of the Auction House and then sent back to me [X(]. The price now fluctuates between 3000-3500. I’ll wait for the time when the Beastmen takes over the Elshimo Regions and Ogre Pumpkin (ingredient for JoL) supply drops.

100K would come from my farming experiments, in order to find out if farming materials at some places would be a viable source of income. I found it too troublesome for the amount I’m getting. Perhaps I’m just lazy.

I wasted a few Ks powerlevelling Smithing and Goldsmithing both to 18. Buying Iron Ores and Silver Ores from their respective guilds and synthing them on Firesdays. Yes, I’m lazy ; ; . But my losses are minimal.

I camped Spiny Spipi the other day. Out of 4 kills, 2 of them dropped the Mist Silk Cape [XD]. I don’t know what makes this item so special. It’s only +1 MND. Yes, I’m a lousy mage [X|]. I sold the first one off at 50K. Few days later, the price went up to 60K and I’ve put my second one up for that price.

*I just got /poked 3 times by Tuufless at Bastok Market’s fishless fountain.*

3 stacks of Fire Crystals and 4 stacks of Pickaxes made my mining runs last up to an hour or more each. I usually return with at least a Darksteel ore, 10K-12K in Bastok’s AH, on each run. I mined up 2 within 5 minutes once. Lucky~ Sold them all to Tuufless for a price of 10K. Faster this way, I would need the slots on the AH to sell off Iron and Bronze Ingots.

As for my DRK’s progress, I went on 3 EXP PTs only because I could borrow Ladyrikku’s Haubergeon. I’m now level 61 with 5000/30,000 exp. There was one PT where the Dragoon was dealing the same damage as me. Darn, I forgot to check his equipment to find out. All I know is he’s wearing his AF, and that he was dealing more damage-over-time than me made me feel ashamed.

It was also my first EXP PT at Attohwa Chasm. We fought huge antlions. EXP was 100-150 per kill and up to 180 on chains. The level range was 60-63. I was the only lv 60. I agreed since the PT leader told me those antlions don’t have high evasion.

PT setup was DRG/WAR, PLD/WAR, DRK/WAR, RDM/BLM, BLM/WHM, WHM/BLM. Despite the low exp per kill, our speed was 3000exp/hour. Not too bad. On our last chain before disbanding, I pulled an antlion which linked with another that just spawned. But this wasn’t the first link so my PT was very well prepared. RDM casted Sleep2 on the linked antlion. But halfway fighting one, a third antlion spawned on top of us, the linked antlion woke up shortly and needless to say, everyone died. I had Tottie, our last standing high level WHM in Doom LS with Raise 3, come save us.

500,000gil… 1,500,000 more to go. T_T

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