Last night in Jeuno, I spotted a few players on seek with jobs that could form a standard EXP PT. Sent a tell to the BRD first because I love a BRD’s Madrigal (Increases melee accuracy). He declined telling me that he already had an invite [:(].

So nevermind, I continued to level up my woodworking skills using the wind crystals I farmed from camping Air Elementals earlier. But soon, I got a tell from a Japanese player asking if I would like to join his EXP PT. I happily agreed, he sent an invitation, and I saw the BRD in the same PT as me.

Read up a bit on Sushi dishes. They increase accuracy by 15%. I don’t know how much this is and if it’s going to be better than my Jack-o-Lanterns but I bought a stack of Tuna Sushi anyway. 15,000gil a stack [X(]. Later during the fights, I could not tell if it helped since I received the Madrigal effect from the BRD and the RDM in my PT casted Gravity every round. I think 80-90% of my hits landed and I was accumulating TP fast. There was one occasion where my Double Attack activated a few times on the Goblin we were fighting and I took hate away from the PLD.

Back on topic, Ladyrikku on the other hand wasn’t so lucky to get an invite for days. Tried forming a party but the Japanese players he asked never responded. I checked with him on the way he asked and there simply wasn’t anything that sounded wrong.

He got so frustrated from being unable to level up, I heard he did a suicide later that night. Fought a goobue in the Sanctuary of Zi’Tah without any weapons or armor equipped and died.

Earlier this morning while browsing through a few KillingIfrit forum threads, I came along this little screenshot of a Japanese player’s search comments.

RMT refers to Real Money Trade, Inflation refers to the increase in Auction House prices, MPK refers to Monster Player Kill, which is using monsters to kill another player. Steal probably means a breach of trust.

Enlightening yet so sad. Well, from what I know of the culture of Japanese players, this may be true. Back in Lineage 2, while on the Japanese Open Beta, everyone was friendly and helpful. There were only rare occasions of a few troublemakers but it wasn’t bad.

When the Japanese Open Beta ended, I tried out the North American servers using a friend’s account. There were Player Killers almost everyday and I have to watch my back every now and then in case a PKer decides to sneak up on me. I soon stopped playing because it wasn’t fun anymore.

And now I’m reminded of the Jackass movies, where a bunch of American people do really weird yet funny stuff. Some of them, at the inconvenience of others. There was a scene where one American dude would suddenly strip and dance in his glittering underwear in an electronics store. When the security guards came to shove him out, he would resist and start disturbing them.

Culture clash is what’s happening across all of FFXI’s servers. A lot of NAs have pissed off the JPs (and me) to a point where they put JP PT only in their search comments. Singaporeans get dragged down because we use the NA client.

I guess having the line “tadano ajiajin” in my search comments helped a little to differentiate myself from the NAs. “PT {Long Time)” helped too. The first phrase says “simple asian” and the second one just means I can stay in a PT for a long time.

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