Toto, 4D, Horse Betting, Soccer Betting and now Casinos

How different are they from each other? All involves money, luck, judgement and gives a certain degree of excitement.

Just came across this site about Families Against the Casino Threat in Singapore. Their petition letter as quoted below.

The President
Republic of Singapore

Dear Mr President,

As the head and/or concerned member of my family, I am against any proposal to set up a casino in Singapore.

I do not want families to be raised in an environment that approves and endorses gambling. Gambling for whatever reason, is not a value to be embraced.

I respectfully request that as Head of the State of Singapore, you will advise our government to reject any plan to allow a casino in Singapore.

Thank you sir, for your kind attention.

The undersigned.

My thought is, it’s the parent’s responsibility to teach the child that gambling is bad. Not the government.

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