Baka Matsuri – 26th December 2004

Last Sunday, went down to Singapore Expo with a friend to another cosplay
party. Being lazy, I had to wait till around 2.30 for him to pick me up with his
car. Of course, I missed out on a lot but thankfully, the Ayanami Rei figurines
I was eyeing wasn’t sold off.

The booth owner had advertised her stock through an anime forum and I browsed
through a lot of pictures and spotted some really neat figurines. She was nice
to give me a small discount probably because the day was going to end soon and
she still has lots of stuff on her booth that she wants to clear. I tried to
bargained a few more dollars off and the sum we agreed eventually was $125.

Besides shopping, I had the chance to meet some FFXI players. All of them
from other servers. One of them cosplayed as a Red Mage in his full artifact
armor and another, a black mage in his job-specific equipment. Red Mage, Etoh,
brought some Ginger Cookies, Meat Mithkabobs, Shihei, a Mandragora and Goblin
plush toy and some other FFXI stuff. I don’t think they were for sale but just
as part of his cosplaying. I heard he even brought a flute and played like the
bards in the game.

Etoh had played FFXI for 2 years. Yes, he started the game with the Japanese.
Which also means he played the Japanese version of the game. I also had a chat
with another FFXI player whose main job was Monk. He ranted about the high
prices of equipment and how he spent 10 hours a day farming for gil. Eventually,
he found it a chore and stopped playing for a while. Then returned and went
levelling his character.

Here’s the pictures of the stuff I bought, taken from the merchant’s

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