I am the new Dark Knight, Hell-oh

Finally reached level 30. At 30, we can now unlock various advanced jobs. Being evil at heart, I chose the path of Dark Knight. [X)]

At Bastok, I discovered information about a certain Dark Knight spotted at Palborough Mines. So I travelled down on Chocobo and searched the place for him. I found Zeid, a Galkan Dark Knight, who gave me a 2-handed great sword: Chaosbringer. I was to kill 100 creatures with this sword.

Took me about an hour to kill 100 easy monsters outside Bastok. This sword had a delay of 666 which is roughly 10 seconds between each swing. A very slow weapon if you ask me. T_T

Then I travelled down to Beadeaux to seek Zeid again. He gave me some advice and afterwards, I was granted the job, Dark Knight. To get to Beadeaux, I had to travel across Passhow Marshlands. A great place for a picnic in real life. Minus the monsters of course.

Later that day, one of my LinkShell members had also attained level 30 and needed help to unlock his Samurai job. I joined in to help and so did some higher level seniors. The first part involved killing Forger and the second part, Guardian Tree at Sanctuary of Zi’Tah. A very beautiful forest. This was when I first met with my LinkShell holder, Apocalypse (Lv75 Dark Knight). Who aided us in killing the Guardian Tree.

Next day, helped Evasama unlock Summoner and Bard. First, we need to find a Carbuncle Ruby for each of us who wishes to unlock Summoner. A LS senior Bard helped with getting this rare ruby from the Leeches in Maze of Shakhrami. After a discovering it’s powers back in Windurst, we had to bring it to absorb from 7 different weather conditions, Cloudy, Sunny, Rain, Sandstorm, Windy, Thunder, Snow. Snow was the hardest to get.

Travelling around Vana’diel on Chocobos can be costly. Places like Jeuno where the demand is high, so is the rental for a Chocobo. Lucky the Bard quest we were unlocking gave us some rewards, a total of 5100 gil to fund our travels.

Damn goblin
Don't spot me don't spot me don't spot me.
Stuck in a tunnel between 2 goblins too tough for me to handle alone. One suddenly turned his back and started walking towards me. I panicked and tried hiding. Needless to say, he saw me and I died…

Guardian Tree
The second monster to kill to unlock Samurai

As we travelled across La’Theine Plateau, we saw a rainbow!

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