Where did all my time go?

The last 2 weeks went by fast. My thoughts have been the next upgrade for my computer. At first I wanted to get an Athlon64. Then after some posts in HardWareZone forums and research, I decided on an AthlonXP 3200+ instead. Then again, someone pointed out the fact that I could have gotten myself an Athlon64 with that amount of money which brings me back to where I started. Should I give in to Desire or Budget?

And then, technology moves on fast enough to keep you waiting forever. When a new tech arrives in the local market, some people will say wait again for an even better tech that they’ve read on the news. And when that better tech comes, news of an even better one gets published and us consumers will be waiting again for that tech to come. [X(]

Right now, I think I will wait for just 1 more month. I’m waiting for this cool ThermalTake Tsunami PC chasis to reach Singapore. Meantime, I have downloaded the Ragnarok MMORPG and will have to rely on the 15 days trial period to see me through till I get my new system to play Final Fantasy XI. [X)]

So far, the only thing I dislike about Ragnarok is the camera view. Perhaps I don’t know the controls but I can’t get the camera to move down so I can look into the distance. I feel kind of restricted.

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