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My boss is having me work on a new design for his church. I’m going to learn to use CSS instead of HTML tables for the site layout. Seems like there’s a lot of advantages using CSS to design the layout. What I note is simpler codes and faster load times. The current sites that I’m working on and using HTML tables are harder to maintain and change because of the code structure of a table. Experienced web designers/developers should know how troublesome it is and how worse it can get when it comes to a point where we have to nest tables (having more tables in a table). I have a feeling it’s going to help me in the long run especially when my work involves me having to code and design a dynamic, database-driven website all by myself.

I think I’m going to start a second blog. Either incorporate it into this blog as a sub section or a totally new blog. It’s for me to dump any computer related stuff. Sort of like a tech blog.

The open beta for Lineage2, Japan, is going to end soon in June. I’m becoming so attached to the game I might sign up once it goes official. There may be a problem for foreigners signing up but I’m checking it out with some Americans who are also interested in playing in Japan servers instead of their North American ones.

The biggest reason for staying on Japan’s instead of going over to NorthAmerica’s is the difference in culture. If you want lots of action, drama, betrayal, war, NA is the place to go. The Japanese are friendlier and playing on Japan’s would be more relaxing. [:)]

ETD, Experiencing Technical Difficulties.

Darn, the other day my mum was switching the light bulbs with the electricity still turned on. She caused a short circuit which shut down my 2 computers. When I got home, I could not boot up cos 1 of the harddisks on my webserver could not be detected. Right now, I’m still too busy to fix things. I only just realized my blog site is cocked up.

Around 5 years ago… I spent $2500 on…
Pentium2 233MHz MMX
64MB SDRam PC100
3.2GB 5400RPM Harddisk!
Creative AWE64 that uses the ISA slot!
WinNT 4.0 Workstation. I shouldn’t have bought this but it was reccomended by a friend. Ended up using Windows 95 because of driver conflicts.
17″ Philips monitor (Served me well)


This is for those who work with MySQL.

The article at the end of this entry talks about how the storage engines(MyISAM, InnoDB, etc.) works. Since I use the default storage engine (MyISAM), it’s helpful to know about the difference between static rows and dynamic rows.

I’m going to review the database structure I’ve come up with for a project at work and see if I can make changes to make the rows static.

MySQL Storage Engine Architecture, Part 2 – An In-Depth Look

Wishing you lower seektimes.


Must be a damn unlucky day for me. I received a code red 2 attack but I could not confirm the damage it had done if any. Downloaded the tool from symantec but it did not detect any code red viruses on my web server, Chii. Worse, I experienced network problems and could not get my server online to get a virus scan done.

Then I tried reinstalling the OS, didn’t work too. So I tried connecting the ethernet cable to another port on my router and it worked! Guess it’s a faulty router port [:(]. Still thinking whether or not I should get it replaced. I certainly can’t stand being disconnected from the net or unable to access my computer while I’m outside.

I’ve installed as much patches as I could find from Microsoft’s website. And installed URLScan 2.5 for IIS 4.0 and above. The default configuration for URLScan immediately blocks .asp extension which is why my blog didn’t work well today. I’m done with the config file now. To those who run their webservers from home, on IIS, I highly recommend this tool, URLScan 2.5. Just remember to take a look through the documentation to learn about the config file. If you have it installed on IIS 6.0, remember to recycle your worker processes to have the new changes in URLScan config file applied.

My projects at work are slowly progressing and getting more interesting. Each day there’s a different problem to tackle and many things to learn. Today, I learned that magic_quotes_gpc turned on in a php configuration is EVIL.

A 1am blog

Right now, I’m reading up on IIS6.0 and helping out someone on PHP. Then I looked at my desk lamp and thought of LAMP.

LAMP basically means a combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Operating system, web server, database server, server-side scripting technology(?). Then I’ve heard of WAMP: Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Then, note that in the office, I’m using Windows2000 and IIS5.0, we have WIMP: Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP.

I’m basically a WIMP! [X(]