Crazy Weather

It’s darn hot here in Singapore. To the state where I read about some computer enthusiasts underclocking (reduce CPU speeds) in order to reduce the heat generated by their computers.

I sleep with slightly warm air at night and wake up with sweat every morning. At office, even though we have 3 air conditioners working in a small area, it’s never enough. My colleague tells me that it’s because 2 of the conditioners are of very old model so they aren’t efficient enough.

Sometimes, even warm environments can make me feel sleepy…

Damned Cockroaches

Alright, we have pests in the office. Came in this morning to find 2 dead baby cockroaches in my coffee cup. Urgh… I had my cup soaked in hot water, washed it with extra dish-washing liquid, soak again in hot water. [X(]

Placed an order with a friend for Final Fantasy XI. Because he was able to get it for me at a cheaper price of S$70. I don’t see myself playing the game soon. I need a major upgrade on my computer and I can’t do so until my financials have stabilised.

I went down to ComicsConnection at Bishan last night to check out what’s new. To my surprise I spotted a limited edition box of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It contains the latest volume 9 and a model of Rei Ayanami that you can adjust her limbs to make her do poses. Without much hesitation I grabbed the only box off the shelf and kept laughing to my friend, showing off my prize. As I finished keying in my PIN and the NETS transaction ended, the cashier told me the manga is in Japanese… [X|]

Nevermind. I love Rei anyways. [XD]


I had to use a lot of strength and will to hold down my laughter when I read this at work.

[Turtle] hmm
[Turtle] ctfmon.exe
[Turtle] no jamacians capturing any flags on my computer that i know of


New Layout

Well, version 2.5 now. I decided to have 2 columns, 1 for entries regarding my Life (Life Blog), and the other, entries regarding Computers, Web Developing, Games (Tech Blog). I still need more work for the background image. Positive or negative comments are welcome~

I wonder if the scroll bars of my 2 blog columns can be made transparent to show the background behind. If anyone knows, please teach me! [:D]

I used a screenshot from the game Lineage2, that character is my level 28 Female Human Knight wielding 2 swords lent to me by a friend.

Beheading Video

I had the chance to download and watch the video of the American who had his head sliced off by Iraqis and held up high. This is by far the most mentally disturbing thing I’ve ever seen since watching “Faces of Death”. I would advise my readers not to watch it.

It leads me to think why the Iraqis had to go such lengths to get the Americans off their soil. I’d rather they do it Ghandi-style or shout “Get off my land!”(think Air Force One). I don’t think the higher-ups would care about 1 life since all they have to do is apologise on TV and perform some publicity stunts. You can’t really tell if they feel sorry. [:|]

The video I had started off with the murderers shouting “Allah! *something*” and they pushed the guy onto the ground, one of them took out a knife and started slicing. The victim did not put up much of a struggle. He probably knew he was going to die.

I’m most grateful that the video was low quality, low resolution. It’s a one minute video with 500KB filesize. Any more detail and it would make me lose appetite for a few weeks. [:(]

I could not get CSS to work the way I wanted it to. I may fall back to using HTML tables for now. But I will give it a try again when I gain more knowledge.