Another scene of nature burned into my mind

I witnessed a beautiful sky the other day, just got off the bus, walking home.

The sky, blue canvas, shades of light blue to blue, from top to bottom.
Clouds, bite size bits of cotton candy scattered far apart from one another over the wide canvas. Glowing bright orange with a little drop of pink.
Setting sun, hidden from my view, blocked by a fucking HDB flat. Could only see an orange glow emanating.

Scenes like this make me yearn for a digital camera! [:(] So much stuff I want to immortalize…

The more I listen to Kotoko’s Hane album, the more I grow to like her songs. Even better when the lyrics are written by herself. I might go hunting for her album at HMV, the only place I know. Other shops only hold albums of popular singers/band like Ayumi Hamasaki, Do As Infinity, Speed, etc. I want more of Angela, Ali Project, The Pillows, Kotoko, CooRie, Asian KungFu Generation, Maaya Sakamoto (I’ve seen a CD of her’s but it’s still not enough!).

The first song of each above-mentioned singer/band that grabbed my attention most…
Angela – Ashitae no Brilliant Road (OP of Uchuu no Stellvia)
Ali Project – Aka to Kuro (One of the OSTs of Noir)
The Pillows – Ride on Shooting Star (ED of FLCL)
Kotoko – Shooting Star (OP of Onegai Sensei)
CooRie – Taisetsu na Negai (ED of Nanaka 6/17)
Asian KungFu Generation – Haruka Kanata (One of the EDs of Naruto)
Maaya Sakamoto – Birds (One of her albums titled Easy Listening)

If you’re interested in any of the above songs, you could PM me in IRC. The only way I do file transfers. And I may only have APE format for some of the songs. APE format uses lossless compression techniques I believe, at the price of bigger file sizes which does not concern me since bandwidth and harddisks aren’t expensive. OP to me means the opening sequence of an anime. ED, the ending.

Currently listening to Neverland by Love Psychedelico from Love Psychedelico III. Yes, I finally ripped 320CBRs from the CD and listening to it for the first time after keeping it in my bag for 25 days since day of purchase. The lead singer has a good voice!

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