Paris! – Day 2

Hmmm, I’ll make a short blog before I go back to work.

After work, boss and I was invited to George’s home for dinner, it was a short ride on the train. It was an authentic French home. Big and very beautiful. It had a wine cellar and a room with a pool table in the basement! The house can be so quiet I’m not used to it. I didn’t take pictures cos I didn’t want to be rude. But I took a photo with George at the train station which I will be proud to put up once I get back to SG. [:)]

Paris! – Day 1

The flight wasn’t too bad. I managed to sleep without much discomfort. The breakfast was delicious and they were showing the recent movie Timeline but dubbed in French.

The taxi to the hotel costs 45euro. The meter jumped very fast and there was a slight traffic jam. At the hotel, seems like someone has arranged seperate rooms for us. Sweet. The air is icy cold but tolerable.

Right now I’m blogging in the office of our partner. Boss is presenting my websites to the other important people. The keys on their keyboards are quite different and I’m having difficulties typing. A switched places with Q, Z switched with W and M moved next to L. Period, comma, brackets are all over the place.

After work, my boss and I headed back to the hotel to put our bags and change into something more comfortable. Then he brought me to the famous Arc de Triomphe. It costs 7 euro to climb up the stairs. There was a sign saying it has 284 steps to the top. I stopped counting at 195 cos there was a small meuseum inside. The view from the top was the best I have ever seen. I bought a little gold souvenir coin from one of the vending machines in the meuseum for 2euro.

It’s because the twin room that my boss booked does not have 2 beds so the hotel owner’s brother, who is one of the important person my boss is meeting, arranged for us to have seperate rooms. Some guy came into my room last night while I was sleeping. He left apologising saying there was a mistake when I woke up to look at what’s going on.


Each minute passes I get more nervous and and scared. This is not like any other Boys’ Brigade training camp or a long chalet at sentosa. I could easily give up half way and still have a place called home where I can walk back to regardless the distance. But now, I’m going to a place so far it’s about 14 hours of plane flight. There will be no turning back and no place I can go to when things turn bad.

So I’m bringing with me, a manga, Vol 2 of Record of Lodoss War which I haven’t finished reading, and some minidiscs holding some songs which bring back lots of memories since the day I owned an MD player. New to my collection is a minidisc I had requested from a friend to record from mp3s for me. Inside are the following songs which I hope will comfort me when I’m in a faraway land, homeless.

  1. Main theme of Final Fantasy VII – Piano

  2. Origa – Rise (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2ng gig)

  3. Kimiko Itou – Follow Me (Main theme of Ghost in the Shell: Innocence)

  4. The Barnabys – Suki Mami Mai Tai (OP Song of Mezzo TV)

  5. The Barnabys – Mitsu (ED Song of Mezzo TV)

  6. L’Arc en Ciel – Ready Steady Go (OP Song of Full Metal Alchemist)

  7. Raiko – Alive (?th ED Song of Naruto)

  8. Mikio Sakai – Dive in the Sky (OP Song of PlanetES)

  9. Ali Project – Gesshoku Grand Guignol (OP Song of Avenger)

  10. Ali Project – Mirai no Eve (ED Song of Avenger)

  11. Angela – The End of the World

  12. Utada Hikaru – Kettobase!

  13. The Delgados – The light before we land (OP song of Gunslinger Girl)

  14. The Delgados – Woke from dreaming

  15. Lineage 2 music

  16. The Pillows – Energy

Will be taking a plane to Bangkok and then transfer to another plane to Paris. The hotel I’m staying in is about 3 kilometres away from the Eiffel tower.

My next blog will most probably be when I have access to a computer with an internet connection. Wish me luck! [:)]


This is bad. I’m feeling a little feverish. [:(]

I’ve bought most the stuff I would need for the trip to Paris. I heard the weather will be dry to the point my lips will crack so I was advised to get lip gloss and skin moisturizing cream. But I think I’ll take the risk and buy it there when I need it because it’s only 6 days. Another concern of mine would be if I could successfully adapt myself. The GMT over there is +1, which would be 7 hours behind Singapore time.

I love to sleep yet hate it because it’s a waste of time… [X(]