I overheard a couple’s conversation on the bus home yesterday after work. They were sitting behind me. The guy was Singaporean and the girl from China. I can’t hear clearly so this was what I “assumed”: Apparently they were getting married. The girl only wanted the guy to go back with her to China at least once a year but the guy refuses. Stating the expenses as his reasons for not going. Then a lot of other excuses soon followed and their topic drifted further and further away from the original. Straight to the point, the guy gave insensitive replies. It’s a wonder the girl still stayed with him as his girlfriend. [8|]

Love can make one blind and dumb? It’s dangerous being a dumb blind. [:|]


During my 1 week absence from the office, the mug I bought got delivered. This morning, the shirt got delivered too. I bought a black mug with the words “WTF?” printed largely in white on it. And a black shirt with the white text “There’s no place like” in front. Paid around SGD$66 for them, shipping included. First time I bought something off the net with my debit card and the website was http://www.thinkgeek.com/ . Other virtual stuff that I bought before was a domain name and movie tickets.

Now that I’m back to my usual lifestyle, my trip to Paris felt like a dream.

Paris! – Day 5-6

Have only 2 hours to shop around before leaving to catch the plane, so I went down to the nearby train station to take more pics and bought some porn magazines for friends. Haha. When I was done, I had an hour left to rush to Champs Elysees and buy more stuff. Sadly by the time I was there, I had 30 minutes left, just enough for me to rush back to the hotel to pack up my stuff and leave. [:(]

Throughout the 10hour flight from Paris to Bangkok, I didn’t sleep at all. They first showed Chasing Liberty so I watched. They also showed Cheaper by the Dozen, Rundown, Timeline on the plane but they were dubbed in French, subtitled in English. Then it was off the plane, to the Royal Orchid Lounge provided only to Gold Members like my boss. We spent 2 hours waiting there for our next flight. I learned that instead of taking a direct flight to Paris from Singapore, we saved a few hundred just by flying to Bangkok and then take another plane from there. The downside is we lose 3-4 hours of time.

At the Duty Free Shop in Changi Airport Singapore, I bought a 1litre bottle of Absolut Vanilla. Vanilla flavoured Vodka. It’s only SGD$22.50 but I can only buy 1 bottle with 1 passport. I originally wanted to buy another bottle of Vodka too.

It’s so good to be home… I love my old keyboard.

Paris! – Day 4

Today will be short. I am allowed free time after lunch if I get my work done. The guy I’m liaising with isn’t here yet but I hope at least he can provide me with the new codes we agreed on yesterday. I plan to go shopping for souvenirs and any interesting stuff that can’t be bought in Singapore.

Note to self: WORK SHOES are NOT SUITABLE for WALKING LONG DISTANCES! Damn my feet hurts bad. I spent 3 hours walking from office back to my hotel to pick up the digital camera and then down to the Madeleine Cathedral it was a magnificent view inside. Then from there, I headed south to an obelisk, went across the Seine river and walked alongside it all the way to the Eiffel Tower. The queue to go up was longer than the day before so I gave up all hope of spending 10.40euro to get up that tower.

Then I headed to the Galeries LaFayette Haussman, supposedly a shopping district, to look for more good items to buy. Went up one of the buildings and all 6 floors sell clothes and nothing else. Walked around the area and went into a chocolate shop. Spent 72 euro buying chocolates then I headed back to the hotel. We were meeting a China guy in the office and his wife for dinner at a Thai restaurant. Boss doesn’t drink much alcohol so it was me, him, and his wife to finish up the grape wine. They happen to know the boss of the restaurant and he offered us a bottle of champagne free. This is the first time I had champagne. I drank so much I feel blur but in control.

I slept the moment I went back to my room.

Paris! – Day 3

We ended work early to go sightseeing. Went on a bus tour around the place. We sat on top of a double decker tour bus which had no roof on the upper deck. The wind froze my face till it felt dumb and my senses and reflexes start to lag. We got off at Eiffel Tower. Went for a cup of hot chocolate to regain my warmth but to no avail. So we went back to a chinese restaurant near our hotel for dinner. The best way to regain warmth! [XD]

After that we went back to our rooms where I soaked myself in a tub of warm water before going out for another walk. This time I was alone and I brought my MD player with me to listen to while I roamed the area aimlessly. Embedding what I see and feel into the song that was playing.