it has begun

I’ve started making use of my Pentium2 machine to offload some work from my main computer so I can play games smoother! I just started moving my mail server over and went through the configurations more thoroughly. Will be moving my websites over once I have some free time cos now, both of them are using different web servers so I will need more time to configure each website I have.

Windows Server 2003: Web Edition
Pentium 2 MMX 233MHz
384MB PC100 SDRam
6.4GB Harddisk
2x3GB Harddisks soft-raid Stripe

I’m just doing this for the fun and experience. So don’t come telling me I should be getting a faster, leaner machine for web hosting. [:)] I’m just a home user. And it’s not that laggy running Win2K3 on a Pentium 2. It’s good enough for me to browse websites as I play games on my other machine.

Here’s an photo of a corner of my room. I’m too shy to post the one taken with the flash on. Haha. That’s why the monitors appear so bright. The light you see near the top is my very old desklamp. I need to get it replaced soon because it’s releasing “magnetic waves” or something which is affecting my monitors and any electrical stuff near it.

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