Dual Monitor!

I finally took the time to remove my fish tank. And put in it’s place, a 17inch CRT monitor!

I intended it for my old pentium 2 machine. So I could have 2 fully functionable PCs to use. But before I buy a router to hook them up, I tried the Dual Display feature that comes with my graphic card. I just hook up the second monitor to the DVI output of my graphic card using the DVI-VGA convertor. And wallah!! I can drag my mirc to the second monitor and it leave it there! I can play games and check what everyone’s talking on IRC just by looking to my left.

It’s funny cos I have to move my mouse over to the right edge of my monitor so the mouse will appear on the second monitor. And the second monitor is located on my left. Heh.

Having 2 monitors is fun! [XD]

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