[Japan] – Day 3

I slept from 1am to 9am. Had my morning coffee and went out to meet Z. He’s accompanying me around a few places today too.

We were meeting at Tobu Asakusa Station, near my hotel. There are 2 more stations at Asakusa area which was what confused me at first.

I wanted to visit the Tokyo Big Sight. An exhibition center where many doujinshi/cosplay events are held. It took us an hour of train rides to get there. I still can’t forget this beautiful Japanese girl with short hair who was standing in front of us on the train to Big Sight.

On the right side, that’s the Fuji Television building.

Earlier, I had looked up Big Sight’s website and noticed the 2 events held today, Comic City and a cosplay event. First, we went to take a look at Comic City at the East hall. I don’t know if it’s just me but I noticed most of the artists there are females. I was given a catalog when I paid for the entrance fee. Perhaps I’ll check it out when I’m free.

We tried to look for any FFXI related doujins but sadly, there weren’t any. We left shortly for some nice hot takoyaki outside in the cold. Till now, I still miss the cold weather there.

We went to the West hall next, there was a huge cosplay event going on inside, but we didn’t go in as I didn’t want to make Z pay for the entrance fee for something he doesn’t have interest in anymore. Just looking in from the outside was good enough for me.

We then left for Meiji Shrine. There’s some celebration going on, I think it was the 3-5-7? So the area was pretty crowded. The road in was of granite rocks. Here at the shrine, I bought a small "omamori" charm, for good health of mind and body. There were many other different charms like love, fortune and traffic safety.

3-5-7 is a festival for young children, so you can see a lot of them dressed in colourful clothes.

A wedding ceremony was also carried out on that day! Lots of people were watching as the newly wed couples walked slowly.

Next we visited the inner gardens. I was expecting to see lots of flowers but sadly, they were gone. According to Z, it was the wrong season for flowers.

The inner gardens of Meiji Shrine

We headed to Shibuya for dinner at an unagi(eel) restaurant. Delicious :D

After dinner, he had to start heading back home. So I went exploring Shibuya on my own. Shopped for CDs at Tower Records and had coffee at StarBucks.

From the second floor of this StarBucks restaurant, you can see the train station and a crossroad in between, you can see lots of people walking around.

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