My sleeping habits are screwed again. Slept at 4am last night. I feel sleepy at work occasionally but somehow work manages to keep me awake.

Got a new project this morning. It’s a rush project. A new website for Mutiara Hotels. I am expected to work over the weekends. The date due is Monday. Hope I can finish it by today so I can enjoy a work-free weekend~


Mua hahahahhaha… Damn. Okae, it’s 2004 and I don’t feel anything new. Here’s the new blog layout and design, featuring the hot Elfi Hediyat from RahXephon.

Not wanting to miss out the fun, I went down to Orchard Road and join the crowd. I ended up at Cineleisure’s basement during the countdown. A dance party was held there and I watched till countdown. So after the countdown, I grabbed a drink and walked to the busstop. The walk turned out to be quite an adventure.

Zerg Rush. – A term used in StarCraft which means flooding your opponents with your Zerg armies.
Walking along the path among the crowd, I was constantly bumped into or pushed around by hundreds of Bangladesh workers. It’s as if they own the place. [>(]

And then there was snow…
Everyone was spraying ribbons and I was reluctantly involved. But it wasn’t too bad compared to others. This time, there was soap snow. A can that sprays snow out and it looks like soap to me. Everyone was spraying at their friends and the BWs (Bangladesh Workers) are spraying at any passerby they fancy.

Killer Litter
The whole place was littered with them spray cans. One cannot walk without kicking into them. I would kick into a can with each step I take as I walk pass Ngee Ann City.

The bus ride home
Waited for half an hour at the busstop for 132. I remember the last bus leaves at 11.45pm. It was already 12.30am but I kept hoping the traffic had stalled the bus long enough for me to catch it. Sadly, no. So upon seeing 162 arriving at the busstop in front of me, I ran after it. Managed to get on and I was squeezed in front with a long haired Chinese guy with an American accent.

He was rather open and friendly. So I greeted him a new year and we had a conversation. He had friends from France and Russia, that’s how he got his accent. Currently studying in Ngee Ann Poly in Sound, Video and Filming course, if I remember correctly. The conversation was mainly dominated by him. He goes on about how cigarettes and beer are very expensive compared to other countries. How the local government and the education system is fucked up. He used the F word frequently but I didn’t mind it anyways.

So finally, made my way home on a free bus ride. It was too crowded in front that I couldn’t get my EZLink card scanned and the bus driver didn’t notice in the first place. This is by far, the worst celebration I have ever participated in.