Damn ISP. Partly my fault but fuck them anyways.

The next day after trying out their 1500 plan, I logged on to their website to check my usage stats. Surprisingly, I had downloaded 230MB instead of the 180MB anime video I downloaded. Assuming it was partly because of my web surfing, I could never have viewed 70MB worth of websites in just that short period of time! So assuming they calculated the data I’ve uploaded, which pretty much sucks since the upload speed is the same as my original 512kbps plan.

Next problem, it showed on their website, 10cents per MB downloaded. And I had to pay $23. So just in case it was a minor error, I emailed them regarding both matters. Received a reply this morning. They pointed out that it was stated in the promotion email that it’s only 1cents for the first 100MB downloaded. For this, I blame myself for not paying attention. And they say the amount of data uploaded will not be charged, which I am too disappointed with them to further pursue the matter.

Still, they suck. Paying $14 for 230MB of data. [>(]

Wheeee!! Graphical smilies!!

Okae! I created some graphical smilies during work. Just to add some spice to my entries. [XD]

Seems like the extra processing power required to process the entries is slowing down the script a little. Let’s see how it goes… [:)]

Graphic Cards

Graphic cards. The main concern of every gamer. A good graphic card gives your eyes orgasms. A bad one gives you headaches. A good one costs a grenade. A bad one, peanuts.

Since the day I decided to buy a Radeon 9800PRO card, I feel terrified playing games on my GeForce2. I get anxious and time passes by slowly. This is an undesirable effect from planning too early.

The 9800PRO costs around $600. Exactly half my pay, which I am gladly and willing to part with since it is from what I know, the second best card in the market. Guaranteed to make me enjoy Final Fantasy 11 at it’s best. I don’t see myself playing FF11 within the next few months as I save up some money for a powerful gaming system.

I “borrowed” my office’s GeForce4 to use for the time being, for about 2 weeks till I get my next pay. I replaced it with my own GeForce2. At least my games aren’t lagging or choppy anymore.

Singnet 1500

Just gave the Singnet Bandwidth-on-Demand promotion a try. 1.03cents for every 1MB downloaded through their 1500kbps line. It’s 3 times faster than my normal plan. Theoretically, I should be able to go as high as 180KBytes/sec but I managed only up to 155KBytes/sec. Check out the screenshot. The BitTorrent file has about 3500+ seeders and 1700+ leechers.

And yea, paycheck was a great movie!