[Japan] – Day 5

Breakfast at McDonald’s! Haha

I had planned to visit Fuji Mountain today. But because my colleague, who had just went to Japan about half a year before me for his honeymoon, told me that I must visit Hakone if I like quiet and serene places, and that Hakone was just south-east of Fuji mountain. Thus, I went there instead.

Using my JR pass, I had access to some of the shinkansen lines and I took one down to Odawara, which if I remember correctly, is a 50 minute journey from Tokyo.

From there, I took another train up north to Gora. Here, I bought a ticket that brings me around some of the places in Hakone.

I didn’t expect a lot of tourists to visit Hakone. How wrong I was. :(

First part of the journey is taking a cable car. It was a long wait. Then the ropeway, which is just another cable car ride through the hills. I enjoyed this part the most because I got to sit down. My feet was still aching from previous days.


As my cable car passed through this area, there was a brief weird smell which I assume, is the smell of sulfur.

Fuji Mountain!

The cable car ride ends at Togendai. Here, I bought a hot chocolate drink and some “mochi” for my friends and myself. There were good. Very good. (*´д`*)

The final part of the sightseeing in Hakone involves taking this fancy ferry across Lake Ashi.

Pirate ship!

When the ride ended Hakone-machi, it was almost time for sunset again. While waiting, I had some nice hot takopachi.

Fuji Mountain… again!

After that, I took a bus ride down back to Gora while having a short nap. From there, the way back is the same as the way I came here.

Back in Asakusa, I went to this small conveyor-belt sushi restaurant for dinner. Had like 10 plates of sushi. I remember the bill was around 1500yen.

slowly getting back into the mood

Finally reached 60 on WHM, just to wear the AF. I’ve liked the red/white color scheme and it’s patterns ever since I first saw it during my 8bit FF days. Going to take SCH to 40 or maybe 60 before I decide if I want to take WHM to 75. Might get SMN to 37/40 too, just for SJ.

Next day, after helping a BLU friend learn spells, he asked if I wanted to go on a merit PT to which I agreed. Setup: DRG/WHM x2, DRG/SAM, COR/RNG, BRD/NIN, DRK/WAR. I had the unfortunate task of tanking D:

But thanks to my capped parrying skill, I noticed quite a lot of parried attacks, around 1 out of 2 monsters.


Since my dynamis LS broke, my lolAegis plan progresses at a very slow pace. I haven’t been browsing bazaars at Battalia to find good deals. I’ve only been buying from friends who were willing to sell me at low prices. So all I can do now is to earn gil for future purchases.

Just for the record, my current status is:

LV 3 – Dynamis Shield

T.Whiteshell: 41 / 2,000
O.Bronzepiece: 255 / 12,000
B.Bill: 301 / 2,000
Total: 597 / 16,000 (3.73%)

On the other hand, my smithing mule has reached the 90s. I’m slowly skilling up on synths that result in a small loss of gil and then making up for it with low level synths that are profitable when HQed. Although I have lump sum of gil, perhaps enough to power level smithing to 100, thanks to my HQed Haubergeons, I still refuse to waste gil rushing my smithing up. It’s not fun skilling up this way anyway.

I’m also working on Alchemy on my friend’s account which I took over because he retired. And I’m also levelling it up the same way I did for smithing. Slow and break-even. And I might try taking woodworking up to the 60s on another one of my mules just to dive into the bolt market.

Synthesis is fun :D

Here’s a weird glitch which I think a few others have seen before. :o

And no FFXI post is complete without an ePeen screenshot!

Stoneskin + Drain2 + Last Resort + Souleater