fucking PSUs

I seem to have very bad luck with PSUs this year.

When I came back from Bangkok earlier this month, back in the office, I pressed the power switch on my PC and it didn’t respond. I switched the power cable and the whole office had a power trip and the fuse on the second power cable blew.

Convinced that the problem lies with the PSU, I went down to Sim Lim Square to get a new one.

Installed the new PSU, everything works fine again. A week later, weird things started happening, a burnt smell came out and my whole PC rebooted itself. I ignored it first.

Then it happened again a few days later. This time I brough the unit down to Ban Leong, the local distributor that sells this brand of PSU I bought and deals with any defective products they sold. A guy at the service counter did a 1 to 1 exchange for me and gave me a new one that’s still wrapped up.

Brought the new one back, installed it, a few hours later, it happened again >_>

Opened up the PC, poked my nose around, couldn’t smell anything from the other PC parts except the PSU.

Called up Ban Leong, described the problem and asked if they could test the PSU I brought in, they said they can’t because there’s a risk of tripping the whole building and they don’t want that to happen. But the guy said he will do another 1 to 1 exchange for me. If I go down again.


Healing Breath PT #2

Went meritting with a few friends, it seems that they enjoy healing breath PT setups a lot. :)

Yup, DRG DRG MNK SAM BRD DRK. No tanks! (Actually the MNK was tank, lol) We camped at Mt Zhayolm, H-8 H-9 because the camp nearer to the runic portal was occupied by 2 PTs.

This setup allows all DD jobs to go all out and DD. No need to hold back. The highest chain we’ve reached was around 30+. Could’ve been more but we had some hiccups along the way like a few members disconnecting and trolls spamming diamondhide back to back.

Both DRGs have Wyrm Armet, the relic DRG head equip which enhances wyvern breath. It triggers healing breath when a PT member has less than 50% HP and it heals around 400HP The AF triggers healing breath at 50% HP when magic is cast, relic AF enhances the healing breath’s amount but triggers at 33% HP. There’s no limit to healing breath, it can be used repeatedly. MNK was main tank since the job itself gives high HP, is a good DD and has the defensive skill guard (well, only useful if he has it levelled to a decent level).

I ate carbonara+1 for this PT setup. For the HP boost (+14%: NQ +175HP, HQ +180HP) and attack boost (+17%: NQ +65Att, HQ +70Att). More HP makes it safer when you have hate with maxed HP merits, I have about 1500HP. More attack for obvious reasons.

Accuracy wise, I think it was ok and I also have meditate + hasso at my disposal. Guillotines reached 900~1000 easily. When DA from my brutal earring procs, highest I got was 1200~1300.

I randomly did a few cross reapers to close darkness with the MNK’s asuran fists. When both hits connect, I did 900 with 200~900 darkness SC. But somehow my accuracy sucked and I frequently get back 1% TP for my cross reaper (meaning only 1 hit connected, cross reaper is a 2 hit WS) orz. I think I’ll start working on my Snow Gorget again.

BRD was pulling and played march + minuet. Over 2 hours, we racked up around 22,000 limit points. We had 1 death, which I suspect was because the SAM targetted a different mob while the others went for another. Distance was too far for the wyvern’s healing breath to reach. I wasn’t paying attention to that so I don’t know the details.

Oh, and only in this setup can a DRK keep souleater up for it’s full duration. ;)

Back and sick :(

Came back from Bangkok with a sore throat. Few days later it worsened, went to the doctor’s and was diagnosed with flu.

The medicine is making me feel weak and I seem to get irritated easily over little things. :/

I guess setting the air temperature to 16 degrees Celcius (60.8 Farenheit) while sleeping under a thick blanket was a bad idea, lol

Food in Bangkok is good. That’s the only thing I enjoyed about it.

Did a bit of shopping at one of the huge night markets near my hotel. I forgot the name but that place is really huge. Bought a new belt there. Oh, and beer there is very cheap.

Next day before we left for the airport for our afternoon flight, my colleague and I went to Ma Bun Kong, another large shopping center. I bought a thick Columbia winter jacket for my trip to Japan. It costs 1000 Baht, which is about $46 SGD, $31 USD. I’ll try to remember to take a few pictures of it.

Feeling high and blur from the medication now. :(