After installing a new graphics card on my server machine, it’s been acting a little weird. Might take a few tries to get into my blog. I don’t know how this is possible, but maybe I need to reformat this machine soon.

Anyways, the photos I promised in my last entry~





Some dust managed to find it’s way into the lenshole of my handphone. I think that is why my photos now look ugly and blurish than before…



Resting on top of my old PlayStation

This PS2slim can’t seem to play PS1 games… Hmmm…

Also, loan sharks have become a little more girlish now.

Picture a fierce looking gangster in his 40s, drawing this pig head with a black marker pen.

not again

All you people that keep talking about FF12, I hate you guys.

Because tomorrow, I’m going down to buy a PS2mini (SGD$228, modified set). My friend’s getting one for himself too and he blames me.

I’ve applied for vacation this whole week. Been doing stupid things.

There’s a new McDonald’s restaurant in Ang Mo Kio, near the AMK library. It operates 24 hours and the layout of the place is quite beautiful. There was one night I went down at 12am, with my PSP. I had supper, ordered a cup of coffee and began playing Dynasty Warriors vol.2 on my PSP amidst the students trying to study there. *evil grin*

I played until the battery went flat, which was about 3am, before I left for home. It’s about 10~15 minutes of walking distance away.

I also went for a nice long and slow walk around my neighbourhood, under the warm sun. I’ll post some photos that I’ve taken with my handphone soon. I like how I can just take slow walks without rushing for anything. I kept my mind clear of FFXI and things that are waiting for me.

Ahh… (´ー`) *feels like an old man*