My stay at my client’s office has been extended for another week at the request from my client himself.

Because it will make communication between the both of us easier, and I am more productive when left alone without too many other tasks to handle.

When asked if I mind? Of course not~ The environment here is much better than back at my regular office.

1) The old air conditioner behind me is nuts. During hot weather, it would not emit cold air. During cold weather, it would.

2) Every morning when I step in, I would sneeze. Almost. Every. Morning. But for the 5 days that I’ve spent here, not a single morning I sneezed. And the air here is so much cleaner.

Then again, this is a real office building I’m working at compared to my actual office which used to be an old shophouse from the 1950s. It’s one of the row of shophouses along Neil Road.

Mog Lockers!

I’ve pre-ordered my copy of the upcoming "Treasures of Aht Uhrgan" FFXI expansion! Have you? [:D]
Only 2 more weeks!

SE has released information on Mog Lockers. A seperate storage space outside mog house. To summarize what I’ve read, you will have to farm(or buy from the AH) certain items that can only be found in the new areas to use as payment for using these mog lockers.

There’s initially 30 spaces and can be increased to 50, which I believe are through quests. *insert "master of the obvious" pic here*

If you fail to make payment, you will lose access to your mog locker but the items inside are not permanently lost.

I’ll use these extra space to store my PLD equipment to eliminate muling. But, you have to be in Al Zahbi in order to access your mog locker! The thought of having to travel to Mhaura and taking a ship to Al Zahbi to access my mog locker turns me off. Though they did mention that they will allow access to mog lockers in other cities through future version updates. So until then, I probably won’t bother putting much equip inside.

But this still doesn’t solve the problem I’m experiencing. I need more goblin bag quests! ( >_<)

My standard Dark Knight equipment which I carry on me most of the time:
Accuracy set: 13 pieces.
Strength set: 13 pieces.
Spell casting set: 6 pieces.
Misc: 1 vampire cloak.
Weapons: 2 great swords, 2 scythes, 1 dark staff.
Medicines: 1D prism powder, 1D silent oil.
Food: 1D Sole Sushi, 1D Bream Sushi, 1D Meat mithkabobs.
DRK AF2 equip (except head): 4 pieces.

A total of 47 items already for a single job. Throw in Kindred’s Seals, Beastmen Seals, empress band and I’m easily all out of space. ( T-T)

Just… give me 2 or at least 1 more goblin bag quest….. ( TAT)

Divine Might and the fall of Promathia

1 months ago, I started planning for a Divine Might battle with my Sky LS, ShinZenkai since a few of us in the LS, including me, wants the earring.

The date of the battle, April 1st. We started a brief discussion on battle strategy 2 weeks before the battle during our trigger farming sessions.

On the actual day, people who offered to help, did not turn up and didn’t inform me. And some who told me they would help but ended up wanting to do other things instead. I panicked a little at this point. But fortunately, I managed to gather 18 people. A member who previously couldn’t come because of work, was able to at the last minute.

We spent about an hour in Jeuno, discussing the order of killing and purchasing medicines for this fight. We had 6 triggers, meaning six tries at this.

For those who don’t know, this battle involves fighting five Ark Angels and two pets, one wyvern and the other, either a tiger or a mandragora. You’re lucky if tiger was summoned as mandragora has AoE sleep.

Our first run was a trial run. For everyone to know how strong each AA is and for the tanks to know how well they could kite them. We had a little problem at first where after we kill the AA Taru, the melees were kind of lost. Standing around doing nothing. We ended up fighting AA Galka, which is not part of the kill sequence. We wiped anyway. But at least we killed 2 AAs and this made me confident that we will do fine on our second run.

Second run, was the serious battle. After everyone got raise 3, we gathered TP with opo-opo necklace, and waited for night to come. Because at night, our NINs could put on their AF feet which increases movement speed only at night. All 4 NINs we had were kiters.

It was fun, it was exciting. We killed the AA Taru fast before he could use his AoE Petrify WS. This time we had our bard shout out the next target. But most of us already had the kill sequence memorized. lol

We went up to the corridor and killed AA Mithra, had a little hiccup here as his AoE WS hits us hard and puts us to sleep. He charmed our monk at around 1-2% HP I think. But someone managed to killed him somehow.

Next is AA Galka. Not a problem here. He went down without much hassle. The next 2 pets were also killed easily. AA Hume wasn’t much of a threat. We got him low before he Mijin Gakure-ed so we didn’t take much damage from him.

Last one is the AA Elvaan with the coolest looking shield so far. As we slowly reduced his HP, he also slowly reduced our numbers. I think we had 3 deaths here, I don’t know how.

The battle lasted 12 minutes. It felt longer than that. >_>

9 people got their earrings, we had 4 guests, all needed earring. I haven’t chosen mine, couldn’t decide :/ But I will most likely get Abyssal Earring just for Dark magic skill +5.

Two days later, I went on doing the CoP Missions with my static. It’s an easy battle from what I heard. Yup, easy enough that my PT killed Promathia’s second form with 5 people and even tanked it up front without kiting. Because I died early in Promathia’s second form. ( T-T)

It was really depressing. Feels like I’ve accomplished nothing. ( T-T)

Since it was 11pm in Japan when we finished the fight, we only had to wait an hour before we could proceed to watch the remaining cutscenes and finish this storyline. We farmed a few organs and tissues while waiting.

It took us 3 hours to travel around many places to watch all the cutscenes including the last one at Blueblade Fell. The ending is touching. I urge everyone to finish this CoP story! All those deaths and exp lost was worth it. Hmmm…. Anyone happens to know where I can watch the ending again? I want to hear that song (with sung lyrics!) again. [:D]

something sneaky

So today’s the first day at my client’s office. The thing about this place is they have very strict firewall rules. A lot of sites have been blocked. So using my laptop borrowed from work, I did a quick scan and randomly connected to one of the unsecured wireless networks. There were about 10 results, 7 of them encrypted and requires a password.

After connecting, I tried to connect to the router. A screen popped up requesting for a username and password. On that same dialogue, the model of the router was displayed. I googled that to discover that it’s a D-Link router.

Went to D-Link’s website and downloaded the user manual there for this router I’m connected to. Scrolled a few pages to find the default username and password to be admin/admin.

Tried accessing the router again, supplied this default username and password, and "wallah!" I’m in.

This router also happens to contain the login details for the internet account! The username is clearly displayed in a text-field and the password is hidden in a password-field. So, view source…

<input type="password" name="password" value="t3hp455w0rd"> (this is just an example!)

Then I logged in to his ISP’s website, went to customer service and logged in to see this person’s account details. Sadly, it’s only a 256kbps account. I was hoping for a 10Mbps connection so I could use it and leech some stuff.

As the building I’m in is an office building, the nearest home apartment building is about 100-200 metres away. Signal strength: Fair~Good.

Message of the day: If you are using wireless routers, be sure to at least set a WEP password.